Spoon - Kill The Moonlight (20th Anniversary White Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number OLE1494LP2
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 09/09/2022

Product Description

As part of Matador’s Revisionist History series, ‘Kill The Moonlight’ is released available to independent retailers on white vinyl, the first ever coloured vinyl pressing for the album’s 20th Anniversary. “One of the greatest American rock bands of all time.” - Time “The greatest rock band of the 21st Century.” - The Ringer “One of the most consistently excellent bands.” - Stereogum “Couldn’t make a
bad record if they tried.” - Entertainment Weekly “One of the most astoundingly consistent discographies in the last 20 years of rock music.” - The FADER “Meticulously choppy and frequently free of inherent genre boundaries, [‘Kill The Moonlight’] is an askew masterpiece of brains, brawn, heart, and soul.” - PopMatters
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