Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Service

We offer an ultrasonic cleaning service in store for those looking to keep their records sounding 'ultra-good'. 

About the service:

This method of cleaning gets right into the groove. Spray and a cloth is always an option for keeping on top of your records (that's why we sell them!), but if you're looking to disrupt and dislodge the deep lying contaminants that can get snug in your records over time, an ultrasonic clean is the best way to do so. The cleaner we have uses sound waves to create cavitation bubbles in a liquid bath of water that requires zero contact with the record during the cleaning process. The ultrasonic cleaner we use is called the 'HumminGuru', which is a duo 40 kHz ultrasonic system. With 40 kHz, it is powerful to remove the contaminants and dust on your vinyl record without causing any damage. For more information and specifics on the model, click here.

Please note, we don't discriminate when it comes to the size of your record, 12", 10" and 7" discs can all be cleaned, although, there are certain instances where we will not be able to help you - we advise you not to use the service for shellac or styrene discs.

Booking in:

If you're interested in getting some records cleaned, please give the shop a call or text before hand on 07502 495064 to check availability (this number is also on whatsapp). Each disc takes 10-12 minutes to clean and dry.


We will clean your records at £2.50 per disc, with the option on 12" discs to put your new clean record into a fresh white paper poly-lined sleeve for 50p extra. You are welcome to provide your own inner sleeves if you wish them to be re-sleeved post clean. We have options, should you wish, to buy packs of inner and outer sleeves for your records here on our website or in store.