John Martyn - London Conversation

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A complex and sometimes belligerent character in real life, on record, John Martyn was the epitome of the folk-dreamer, embodying the spirit of the bourgeoning London acoustic scene of the late 60s - Well-known and respected for his 70s albums Solid Air and One World, this is where it began. Released in October 1967, London Conversation was the first album by the first 'rock' signing
to Chris Blackwell's Island Records. With eight of the twelve tracks written by Martyn, it is easy to see why Blackwell was such a champion of his work. The five-minute plus sitar drone of Rolling Home pointed the way to the possibilities that lay ahead. The sleeve captured the earnest folky sitting among the capital's chimney tops, strumming his acoustic. At once Martyn was part of it; Martyn was above it. This re-issue is pressed onto high quality 180g vinyl. ... Tracks: Fairy Tale Lullaby / Sandy Grey / London Conversation / Ballad Of An Elder Woman / Cocaine / Run Honey Run / Back To Stay / Rolling Home / Who's Grown Up Now / Golden Girl / This Time / Don't Think Twice
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