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Hayden Pedigo - The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored (Indies Radioactive Green Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number MEX3450
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 30/06/2023
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Product Description

Hayden Pedigo returns with The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored, the West Texas, multi-hyphenate artist's follow up to his acclaimed 2021 album Letting Go. Produced by Trayer Tryon (Hundred Waters), The Happiest Times finds Hayden crashing the New Age guitar of Windham Hill and John Renbourn into the art provocations of Harmony Korine. Tracklisting 1. Looking at the Fish 2. Signal of Hope 3. The
Happiest Times I Ever Ignored 4. When It's Clear 5. Elsewhere 6. Then It's Gone 7. Nearer, Nearer
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