Adrian Quesada - Boleros Psicodelicos

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Similar to his acclaimed 2018 album ‘Look At My Soul’, which traced the deep roots and relationship between Latin and Texas music, Adrian Quesada sees every song on ‘Boleros Psicodelicos’ as both a history lesson and a step towards a newly imagined, more united future: “I always wanted to pay tribute to that sound that I was already hearing in my head without realizing that
people had already done it. Balada changed the face of Latin music forever. If something like that happened today, it would be normal because everyone’s connected on Instagram. Think how powerful this sound had to be for everyone to be connected through the songs. As someone who grew up speaking two languages and living on both sides of the border, I love how much music can transcend barriers and boundaries. It really is a universal language, especially back then.”
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