Good to know records. (3)

Good to know - number 3. A place to highlight 3 upcoming releases listed on the website in the week or so since the last one of these, with the benefit that the pre order prices should be the best around - because everyone needs a copy of these.
If you have arrived at this feature through the website and not via the email - make sure to sign up to the newsletter! Along with a link to each new weekly post, you get a reminder of what is due for release this Friday, some selected back in stocks to perhaps prompt an impulse purchase.. and the main part - 10% off your next order, be that in store or online. That does indeed apply to the already low priced records below.. so taking your first punt does even less damage to your pocket.
See below for the past weeks podium:
Elsewhere Junior Volume 2 (as there was indeed a volume 1), is a cosmic trip through leftfield, boogie, psychedelic, and punk terrains with young space cadets at the helm. In short, a compilation of cosmic kids songs in which you will discover new genres such as 'Kindergarten Kraut'. The shortest write up i've provided since starting this feature but i don't really know how to follow up 'Kindergarten Kraut'. Definitely one for the people who pick up Castles In Space releases e.g. 'The Sound Of Science' record they put out last year.
In the distance, the month of January 2024, place your order to kick off the new year with Sprints. Fair few of you may already be well aware of this one, they've been releasing music for over 3 years now, garage-punk out of Dublin. Kind of don't like to go to Fontaines D.C. for reference first as the Irish connection seems lazy, but 'if you like them you'll like these' would be the correct thing to say. Another band which came to mind though when listening to track 'Shaking Their Hands' was Paramore, which i would be surprised if wasn't at least a slight influence. If a Fontaines D.C. x Paramore mashup intrigues you, it's one to investigate further.
Feel like this is cheating in every aspect, not that there are rules to this feature, but I usually I pick an album that may be off enough peoples radar to justify highlighting, and usually just 1 at a time.. So i've put together two albums that are most definitely already on many of your radars (!).
In SBT's short history the Heavenly remix series has proved a popular one, so i thought i may as well put these a little cheaper as i know for the most part people will be picking both records up together rather than in isolation, which will total no more than £64, which should be best on the scene. Incase you don't know the score on these, it's what it says on the tin, Heavenly remixed. Favourites from the label roster - remixed. Remixes come from names such as Dan Carey, Erol Alkan, Horse Meat Disco, and approximately 18 other names.
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