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It's a twist on an old classic. A modern reinvention of the newsletter.
This is a new weekly feature to highlight my most anticipated vinyl releases added to the pre order section of the website in the past week. This kind of thing has been being sent out for well over a year via email here, but I thought why not make it more visible and chuck it on the website? There is also a benefit to you should you wish to add any of the featured records to your collection.. These selections will be at extra low prices, because everyone needs to hear them! For the moment, will probably keep it to a trio of selections to hold aloft on the past weeks podium, though in the future who knows, may push the boat out and increase to 5, woah!
If you have arrived at this feature through the website and not via the email - make sure to sign up to the newsletter! Along with a link to each new weekly post, you get a reminder of what is due for release this Friday, some selected back in stocks to perhaps prompt an impulse purchase.. and the main part - 10% off your next order, be that in store or online. That does indeed apply to the already low priced records below.. so taking your first punt does even less damage to your pocket.
Now the introduction is accounted for, let's take a look at some goods.
For long time email readers, starting on a brazilian note won't be too much of a surprise.. Our favourite records released so far this year include the excellent 'Hidden Waters' compilation on Mr Bongo, in which our first highlight Ana Frango features - more on that in a min - the Bala Desejo debut is another Brazil based favourite from the label. Also see Roge - Curyman released on Diamond West.
'Me Chama' will be released October 20th, their 3rd album, meaning there was two prior releases i had missed out on.. My introduction to them came only this year via the aforementioned 'Hidden Waters' release. Compiled by Joe Osborne for Mr Bongo following a year editing the music section for 'Sounds And Colours' (a much recommended Latin music and culture publication), a rapport with and knowledge of the current scene across Brazil was built, providing a familiarity and understanding essential for compiling a tracklist to properly represent the current state of musical affairs in Rio. Opening the tracklist, was Ana Frango Eletrico, with 'Saudade'.
A captivating track, I was left wondering when I would hear more (as with most artists featured), as it turns out - not too long! Saudade ,along with the rest of the tracks from their second album 'Little Electric Chicken Heart' have classic bossa/ jazz influences, not to uptempo, though there are moments that rock a bit more, such as 'Tem Certeza?'. The strength of the previous releases alone is enough for me to put a pre order in, but we do have the first single from 'Me Chama' to begin painting the picture. 'Electric Fish' (linked), is evidently much more funky, though the rest of the tracklist is noted as quite decade hopping in influence, with some cinematic, stringy , Arthur Verocai-esque moments. Have a listen, investigate further, and definitely consider picking up this record. Even comes with a fanzine... Awaiting pictures of this but yuh can't go wrong with a zine.
From fresh new goods to an essential reissue. Initially released in 2009, and now a bugger to get hold of on vinyl, Auerbachs label Easy Eye Sound are making sure copies of 'Keep It Hid', are not so.. 'Hid'. A big part of this being so difficult to get your hands on (without spending a wedge) is that on vinyl, it didn't see a UK release, just a US. So, this is 14 years too late if you ask me, but we got there in the end.
For the sharp eyed aficionados amongst you, it is indeed alternative artwork, and it is indeed one of those marbled vinyl jobs. If you're into stuff like that, then this must be sensory overload. The main thing of course though, is the music... right on. Raw blues/garage rock, that rawness which was much more evident earlier in the Black Keys catalogue, though this is coupled with more soft/acoustic listens like the opener 'Trouble Weighs a Ton'. Peaky Blinders fans will be familiar with 'I Want Some More' , featuring in season 2, episode 2 to be exact.
Listen to the linked tracks, even the whole album if you want, it has after all been out for a while now. Should you decide that adding this record to your physical collection is essential though, please return.
La Bibliothèque de la Bergerie - La Bibliothèque de la Bergerie (Label: Freaksville)
We started in Rio, journeyed onto Ohio, and will finish, in the south of France. 
Rather than an album cover, it looks like the poster for your next favourite movie. Self titled, the band/album name translates to 'The Sheepfold Library', which if it was a movie, has more horror leaning connotations i feel. Especially when you begin to read the label write up, 'Mario and Savary have been living for years in an isolated former sheepfold in the South of France'.. It all lightens up though once you read on and realise its a a very nice gathering of musicians who have come to escape their daily lives via the medium of experimental/classy instrumental pop, it definitely has Stereolab and High Llamas leanings. Soundtrack and library curious listeners this one is especially for you. Given lead single 'Loterie Solitaire' a listen, join the sheepfold.
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