Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Sci-Fi Jazz Directions

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Release Date 09/09/2022
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Berlin is famous for being the techno capital, but in recent years the scene has been developing in more eclectic directions as new sub genres are growing and new clubs and scenes are building. It's becoming the place to go for all kinds of new musicians in jazz, psychedelic and other music scenes. Berlin-based label Kryptox showcase all these new phenomenas. After the albums of
Berlin-based Greek harpist Sissi Rada (co-produced by Brian Eno), the krautrock collective Spiritczualic Enhancement Centerr, experimental drummer Niklas Wandt and jazz/neo-classical genre stepper Ralph Heidel - it is now time for jazz ravers Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange to take the centre stage. The band around Melbourne born drummer and producer Ziggy Zeitgeist has been based in London for some time before moving to Berlin a few years ago. By now Ziggy and his crew have a big following in Berlin where the new jazz and soul-influenced dance scene is growing rapidly with many new spaces, clubs and radio stations. Their recent album 'Prayer For Peace' was album of the week on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide FM and saw Ziggy in the guestmix at BBC 6 Music. A1. City And Stars A2. Warp Speed A3. Intergalactic A4. Languages Of Pao B1. Space-Love Continuum B2. Technocracy B3. Cybernetic B4. We've Made Contact Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange is a collective that bring together UK jazz funk vibes that have been made popular by Kamaal Williams, Shabaka Hutchings and Ezra Collective amongst others with the energy of Berlin's electronic DJ music. In fact, head of the collective Ziggy Zeitgeist is a big fan of DJ tools which equally have a big influence on his music. His aim is to create a mix of jazz and tribalistic, electronic energies to create jazz raves that reflect a fresh modern touch of what could be a sound for the next years. Of course many elements of their songs come from the 1970ies - the chord progressions, the fusion keyboard solos, the driving rhythms. But the general sound of the music and its straight electrifying energy create a new and unique futuristic sound. 'Sci-Fi Jazz Directions' was recorded by the original trio of Ziggy Zeitgeist, Matthew Hayes and Lewis Moody. After spending thousands of hours together making music on stage and in the woodshed, this album represents a turning point for the group and quite possibly the very nature of creative collaboration. This is an album of tunes crafted over 'online jam sessions', as the trio were split between three corners of the world during 2020. Ziggy explains: "Our blessing and our curse is that we're adaptive creatures, we find a way, we adapt to the circumstance, and so as artists and as improvisers we found ways to connect and create in a virtual space." The trio continue to hone their unique brand of dance-floor focused 'jazzrave'. They are mainly live musicians and they love to play at parties. They've been playing underground dance jam in abandoned basements of London, Berlin, and Melbourne for years. This album epitomises the Zeitgeist of the time, the crucial meeting point of our organic selves with our technology.
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