Various Artists - Glücklich VI (Compiled by Rainer Trüby)

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Catalogue Number CPT6171
Format 2LP
Release Date 14/07/2023

Product Description

Trustworthy sequal of Compost’s classic and mega-selling series. After 20 years a new Glücklich ! Rainer Trüby fished deep in Brazilian-, Latin tinged music and makes us more than glücklich. It only took a little over 20 years since the last installment but a classic and much-loved compilation series is "de volta" in a very big way. And a twodecade break means that when you
come back, you'd better come back strong, but of course this is Rainer Truby we're talking about here and he's got a serious bag of Brazilian and Brazilian-flavored goodies for all good boys and girls! Some of them were buried on obscure CDs ignored by vinyl collectors, several have escaped being compiled until now and all of them will make your summers very pleasant and happy indeed. By the way: The car is a VW Volkswagen SP2 manufactured in Brazil between 1972 and 1976. LP A1. The Matheus Combo - Adericó A2. Christian Knobel - Sambomambo A3. Wütrio - Hallo Höppel B1. Midnight Gigolos – Brother Samba - *exclusive B2. Marcia Maria - Brasil Nativo B3. Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - Stop Foolin' Yourself C1. A Bossa Elétrica - Sob A Luz Do Sol C2. Guillermo Reuter - Mr. Jenkins - *exclusive C3. Jean-Marc Jafet - Offering D1. Jon Lucien - Come With Me To Rio D2. Sonzeira - The Mystery Of Man (Rainer Trüby & Corrado Bucci pres. Truccy Remix) (08:24) D3. Grupo Ébano - Pé No Chão
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