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The Underground Youth - Mademoiselle

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Catalogue Number FC33V12R2
Format LP
Release Date 21/04/2023

Product Description

180g grey vinyl, download card included. The Underground Youth's 2010 album 'Mademoiselle' repressed on 180g coloured vinyl by Fuzz Club. The Blackpool-born, Berlin-based outfit The Underground Youth was started in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer and over the years they've gone on to release 10 albums, 4 EPs and establish a devoted global following and cult fan base, continuously built upon by
their extensive touring schedule through Europe, Asia and North America. 'Mademoiselle's lo-fi cinematic psychedelia is arguably the record that set them on this path and solidified their reputation as mainstays of the contemporary neo-psych movement. Originally self-released, the album went viral on social media upon its release and now has over 7 million views on YouTube, with tracks like 'Hope & Pray', 'Mademoiselle', 'Hedonism' and 'Underground' being long-standing fan-favourites to this day. In 2016 the album was remastered and reissued on vinyl by Fuzz Club which has been long sold-out until now. Tracklist: 1) Hope & Pray 2) Mademoiselle 3) Underground 4) Olya's Song 5) Lord Can You Hear Me? 6) Crash (BSA Jam) 7) Iggy The Eskimo 8) Une Saison En Enfer 9) Hedonism 10) Feel So Free 11) Mercury Guitar
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