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The Raincoats - Odyshape (Transparent / Clear Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number WE3LP
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 28/04/2023
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Product Description

We just really loved what The Raincoats were doing - they were a really exciting band. I think the thing that was good about The Raincoats simply was that the tradition that they were playing in was their own and so they had an original voice. You couldn’t ignore them - they were undeniably fascinating - the interplay between the two voices and the sound
of the group was something original and that was what was exciting about them. (Geoff Travis, Rough Trade Records, February 2009) // Tracks: 1 Shouting Out Loud, 2 Family Treet, 3 Only Loved At Night, 4 Dancing In My Head, 5 Odyshape, 6 And Then It’s Ok, 7 Baby Song, 8 Red Shoes, 9 Go Away
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