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Swansea Sound - Twentieth Century

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Catalogue Number SKEPWAX016LP
Format LP
Release Date 08/09/2023

Product Description

On their second album, Swansea Sound present a set of songs as infectious as anything from their previous incarnations. The raw energy of Hue’s old band The Pooh Sticks is still there; the indiepop sugar rush of Amelia’s Heavenly is still as sweet as ever. But these songs are laced with venom and sardonic wit. Swansea Sound have visited this terrain before: their catchy debut
single ‘Corporate Indie Band’ was a sly tribute to a music scene that had lost all its authenticity, with its bands in hock to social media managers: corporate puppets play-acting at independence. In ‘Twentieth Century’, Swansea Sound take it a lot further, having a good look at the heroes of their youth – the fabled eras of rock, punk, post-punk, electro futurism – and considering whether the prophets that emerged from those scenes were of any use whatsoever.
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