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Shack - Here’s Tom With The Weather (Oxblood Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number SHACKLP2X
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 01/12/2023
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The Shack story is one of music’s greatest legends. It incorporates hardship, bereavement and chaodc misadventure, but above all it tells the tale of beaudful music triumphing over trouble and tragedy. ‘Here’s Tom with The Weather’ boasts a majesdc and fresh form. These are magical songs, psychedelic folk songs of the finest Head vintage. Sleepy-eyed, wiswul and mysdcal, yet craxed with a cunning and acute
dexterity beyond just about anybody you can think of. The two profoundly Liverpudlian brothers Mick and John Head have made several brilliant albums together , but none as quickly as ‘Here’s Tom...’ which was completed in seven weeks at Brynderwen Studios in North Wales along with drummer Iain Templeton (RIP) , bassist Guy Rigby and producer Jay Reynolds in 2003.
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