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Sandro Galileo & Eraserhood Sound - Ribelle Di Mare (Pink Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number EHS103LPC1
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 15/07/2022
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Product Description

In the fateful year of 2020, Vincent John and Maxwell Perla of Eraserhood Sound were fortunate enough to stumble upon the score to the long lost, never completed 1974 Italian film Riblle Di Mare. It was not long before they realized they had discovered an opus, written by legendary film composer Sandro Galileo in what was to be his final soundtrack. Only it never came
to pass. The film was abandoned before it could be completed, and the ashes of Galileo’s final work were swept aside and forgotten. Until today. Eraserhood Sound is proud to present Ribelle Di Mare in all its glory, produced and performed by house band Fantasy 15 in their signature “Synth & Soul” sound. Enjoy the nine stunning tracks that follow, which range in style from dramatic Philly Soul balladry, Spaghetti Western r&b, and Italian library funk. A1 Ribelle Di Mare A2 Ballatta Di Mercuri A3 Cliffdiver A4 De La Isla A5 Fantasma Di Rosalia B1 Smoke & Mirrors B2 Limit Your Exposure B3 Fantasma Di Rosalia Pt. 2 B4 Two Weeks
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