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Sam Evian - Time to Melt (Indies Freezee Pops Pink LP)

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Sam Evian knew he wanted to leave New York City almost as soon as he arrived, more than a decade ago. An upstart songwriter and producer, he, of course, loved its creative wellspring—the ideas, the instrumentalists, the energy. But he’d grown up in the woods of upstate New York and, later, along the coast on the rather empty eastern end of North Carolina. The city
was expensive, anxious, and unsettling, however inspiring it could be. So in the Summer of 2017, he and his band decamped to a rented house upstate to cut his second album, the magnetic You, Forever. He then realized he could no longer resist the urge; two years ago, Sam and his partner, Hannah Cohen, split from the city, building their refuge in the quiet of a Catskills town. That reflective, relaxing environment inexorably shaped Time to Melt, his third LP and debut for Fat Possum. A glowing set of soulfully psychedelic pop gems, Time to Melt is a testimonial to the life and wisdom to be found when you give yourself the mercy of space.. Tracklisting 1. Freezee Pops 2. Dream Free 3. Time To Melt 4. Knock Knock 5. Arnold's Place 6. Sunshine 7. Never Know 8. Lonely Days 9. Easy To Love 10. 9.99 Free 11. Around It Goes
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