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Reverend Baron - From Anywhere (Coloured Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number KCR12015LPC1
Format LP
Release Date 24/06/2022

Product Description

Danny Garcia is Reverend Baron, Danny was a pro skater for Habitat for many years. Bandmember in Drugdealer. Previous single ‘Let The Radio Play’ added to Spotify’s Folk Arc playlist. Debut LP on Karma Chief Records. Written, recorded, and produced by Danny Garcia. From the academy of deep soul and no ego, Reverend Baron delivers visions of liquor store East LA, the off-the-freeway dry mirage
of slow motion graffiti and lonely seagulls. A nylon stringed zen fog with themes of woozy love, layered dimensions of nostalgia and glazed neighborhood tales that roll in with a natural ease. After notching a permanent status in the skateboarding orbit as Danny Garcia, he transferred his effortless style, dedication and authenticity into music. Practicing a philosophy of demystifying the process and doing it yourself, he has become a proficient multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer of his own and other artist's music. All streams of curiosity converge into the river. An enigma, Reverend Baron emerges from the proverbial gray overpass with no sense of urgency. He takes a sharp gaze at his surroundings and processes them through a factory of depth and gentle swag to yield a sound that sits as easy as fallen molasses on the bodega shelf. The songs are an unassuming invitation to either walk through the doorway or lean on the wall outside, either way something beautiful and rare. 1. Fool On The Ave 2. It's My Turn (To Cry, Cry, Cry) 3. Vicky's Town 4. Advocate 5. Mind Like A River 6. I See You Runnin' 7. Sleep Wakes Me Up 8. On The Roundabout 9. To Meet Myself 10. In The Nowheres
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