NINA SIMONE - You’ve Got To Learn (Black Vinyl)

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Format LP
Release Date 21/07/2023

Product Description

The Newport Jazz Festival had always brought the best out in Nina Simone. When she took to that famous stage on July 2, 1966, the audience was treated to the full range of her artistry—from the opener, a breathtaking version of “You’ve Got To Learn” to an electrifying performance of her signature protest anthem “Mississippi Goddam”. Unwilling to let her leave the stage, and after
sustained applause, her fans were rewarded with the show-stopping encore, “Music For Lovers”. This previously-unknown and unreleased recording showcasing Nina’s exceptional performance makes it clear why hearing Nina Simone in concert was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Liner notes are by Shana L. Redmond, scholar and author. TRACKLIST: 1. YOU’VE GOT TO LEARN (7’03) CHARLES AZNAVOUR, MARCEL STELLMAN 2. I LOVES YOU, PORGY (4’02) GEORGE GERSHWIN, IRA GERSHWIN 3. INTRO TO BLUES FOR MAMA (0’41) CHARLES AZNAVOUR, MARCEL STELLMAN 4. BLUES FOR MAMA (HEY LAWDY MAMA) (4’44) NINA SIMONE, ABBEY LINCOLN 5. BE MY HUSBAND (4’05) ANDY STROUD 6. MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN (6’50) NINA SIMONE 7. MUSIC FOR LOVERS (5’29) BART HOWARD
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