Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne (2023 Vinyl Reissue)

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Catalogue Number UMCLP026
Format LP
Release Date 11/08/2023

Product Description

Fog On The Tyne is the sound of a band at both a commercial and creative peak. The musicianship is second to none, watertight, yet relaxed and freewheeling, recorded at London's Trident Studios by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen producer Bob Johnston and Bowie engineer Ken Scott. For lovers of anthemic yet tender folk-infused pop music, Fog On The Tyne is a must-have. This re-issue
faithfully replicates the original 1971 Charisma Records UK release and is pressed onto high quality 180g vinyl. ... Tracks: Meet Me On The Corner / Alright On The Night / Uncle Sam / Together Forever / January Song / Peter Brophy Don't Care / City Song / Passing Ghosts / Train In G Major / Fog On The Tyne
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