Joni Mitchell - Clouds (Black Vinyl)

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Format LP
Release Date 07/07/2023

Product Description

Joni Mitchell’s second album Clouds is BPI certified gold and won the 1969 GrammyÒ (her first of nine) for Best Folk Performance. Originally released 1st May 1969, all tracks were written by Mitchell and the album features a self-portrait as it’s artwork. Featuring ‘Chelsea Morning’, ‘The Fiddle and the Drum’ and one of Mitchell’s best known songs ‘Both Sides, Now.’ Track list LP 1 Side
A Tin Angel (2021 Remaster) Chelsea Morning (2021 Remaster) I Don't Know Where I Stand (2021 Remaster) That Song About the Midway (2021 Remaster) Roses Blue (2021 Remaster) Side B The Gallery (2021 Remaster) I Think I Understand (2021 Remaster) Songs to Aging Children Come (2021 Remaster) The Fiddle and the Drum (2021 Remaster) Both Sides, Now (2021 Remaster)
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