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Ikebe Shakedown - Hard Steppin'

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Catalogue Number CLMN12004
Format LP
Release Date 24/03/2023
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Product Description

Ikebe Shakedown’s debut release is as heavy as an angry herd of elephants! Recorded at Dunham Studios in Brooklyn with the help of members of The Budos Band, these tracks are rough and tough to be sure and offer a variety of different sounds from the band. Ikebe seamlessly blends the raw emotion and passion of ‘70s African Funk with the danceable horns and rhythms
of American soul music. This EP was originally released on CD in 2009 but is now available as an 12" vinyl release with a bonus B-side full of breakbeats from the recording session. 1. Hard Steppin’ 2. The Prisoner 3. No Answer 4. Afro Fred 5. Up In The Trees 6. Hard Steppin’ (Breakbeats) 7. The Prisoner (Breakbeats) 8. No Answer (Breakbeats) 9. Afro Fred (Breakbeats) 10. Up In The Trees (Breakbeats)
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