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Holy Hive - Big Crown Vaults Vol. 3 - Holy Hive (Grey Tape Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number BCR148LPC2
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 22/09/2023
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Product Description

Big Crown Vaults Vol. 3 : Holy Hive digs into the treasure trove of unreleased recordings and pulls some that never saw their way to vinyl and in all honesty, this is not even half of what is in there. These recordings were made during their two album sessions largely, some were recorded before they even signed to Big Crown. The compilation kicks off with
the tune that started it all on the label, their smashing cover of The Invincibles “This Is My Story” that was previously only on a 7”. “Love It Is Not Love”, “Middle Of The Night”, “Celeste”, and their cover of “Kingdom Of The Sun” all feature guest vocals by Shanny of The Shacks who had started playing bass with them at their live shows and sitting in on a lot of the recording sessions. “The Shame” features Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes on bass and El Michels Affair on ‑ute, the latter also plays on “A Perfect Space”. At one point in time the would turn the live show over to Paul Spring who would perform the Irish folk tune “Red Is The Rose” in a traditional style with just him singing and playing acoustic guitar and then launch into their rendition of the song that is on Float Back To You. That stripped down version is featured here on Vaults Vol. 3. The comp ­nishes poetically with “End Of Time” and it is unlikely that we will ever release the rest of what is sitting in the vault. On behalf of ourselves and all the fans we’d like to take this time to thank Holy Hive for the gorgeous music they made together. We will continue to enjoy it forever. Of course as individuals everyone involved from the core members to the people who lent their talents to certain songs continue to make music. Find them, follow them, enjoy their music. Tracklisting: Side A 1 This Is My Story 2. Love It Is Not Love 3. Green Milk 4. Red Is The Rose (Folk Version) 5. The Shame 6. Swimmer Side B 7. Celeste 8. Kingdom Of The Sun 9. Middle Of The Night 10. A Perfect Space 11. Driftless 12. End Of Time
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