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Gilles Peterson & Lionel Louke - HH Reimagined (Ltd Purple Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number EDN2LP1175
Format Vinyl
Release Date 16/06/2023

Product Description

Gilles Peterson re-imagines Lionel Loueke’s incredible and acclaimed album HH, released in 2020, featuring the music of his long-term mentor, the legendary Herbie Hancock, for release in 2022. Gilles Peterson and Lionel Loueke have long term respect for each other's music and when an opportunity to collaborate together came about, both jumped at the chance. The result is a brilliantly chaotic clash of worldwide club
rhythms and guitar loops. The connection is the master Herbie Hancock - a massive influence on the London based DJ and the Beninese guitarist. Performing the music of his mentor HH, released on Edition Records in Sept 2020, was a pivotal album in Loueke's already fascinating journey from humble roots to illustrious career. Reimagined, refocused and reinvented by Gilles and co-producer Alex Patchwork (Ninja Tune) with parts re-recorded by Lionel, this is a kaleidoscopic view of HH which realises the full range of colours inherent within it. Tracklisting 1. Tell Me A Bedtime Story Version 2. One Finger Snap Version 3. Watermelon Man Version 4. Butterfly Version 5. Driftin' Version 6. Hang Up Your Hang Ups Version
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