Gabor Szabo - Bacchanal

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Gatefold Vinyl comes with long, exclusively written inner notes by the famous researcher and biographer Douglas Payne. “The performances on this LP have a restrained, introspective quality. Szabo’s work is lyrical, rather economical, and somewhat angular, and his tone is warm and glowing.” – Harvey Pekar, DownBeat “Gabor Szabo is at the musical zenith of his career. This album could rank as his best to
date.” – Billboard “But for sheer lyrical beauty, few players are in Szabo’s class. His startling use of dissonance is a delight, too, and time and again he will alter a final phrase just slightly, totally reorienting a familiar tune.” – Alan Heineman, DownBeat “This is definitely one of my ‘go to’ Gabor albums.” Mike Stax, Ugly Things
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