Ezra Williams

Ezra Williams - Supernumeraries

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Catalogue Number EZW001LP
Format Vinyl
Release Date 16/06/2023
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Ezra Williams is a 21-year-old songwriter and musician based in Cork, Ireland. They have independently released two EPs and a number of singles, which have amassed over 80 million Spotify streams in total. They have also proven their impeccable live ability in support slots for Orville Peck, Jungle and Pillow Queens. Supernumeraries dwells in an introspective headspace, making sense of past relationships and fractured friendships.
Tangled lead single ‘Deep Routed’ struggles to shake loose the weight of figures from the past in order to commit completely to somebody new, while ‘Until I’m Home’ and ‘Bleed’ both explore anxiety and disconnect. Throughout, Ezra’s vocals are bold and prominent in the mix, deviating from the lo-fi sensibilities of their earlier releases, and though the musician doesn’t view themselves as belonging to any particular cluster of musicians, their tender, self-examining indie recalls the likes of Fiona Apple, Soccer Mommy and Indigo De Souza, all of whom are major influences. It’s also party to Ezra’s most creative production to date, incorporating drum machines, warm washes of synthesiser, stuttering vocal manipulation, and soft, synthetic woodwind. Tracklisting 1. Skin 2. I Miss You(r) Face 3. My Friend 4. Bleed 5. Until I'm Home 6. Deep Routed 7. Don't Wake Me Up 8. Babyteeth 9. My Nose 10. Just Not 11. Seventeen 12. Beside Me
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