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Edrix Puzzle - Coming Of The Moon Dogs

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Catalogue Number OTCRLP17
Format LP
Release Date 04/11/2022
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Edrix pulses in the distant sky. Modal meditations, hypnotic bowed formations and detuned throbs of echo and bass reverberate from the ruins of Planet Battagon. A puzzle, a tremor detected in the stars buried deep in the decay of Neptunia retracting at breaking speed. Edrix pulses in the distance... Rising from the rubble of Planet Battagon’s cosmic collision of shimmering improvisation and bass- weight electronics,
producer, multi/instrumentalist and veteran drummer, Nathan “Tugg” Curran (Basement Jaxx, Kano, Bryan Ferry) returns with London-based ensemble, Edrix Puzzle’s latest celestial disturbance, ‘Coming Of The Moon Dogs’, forthcoming on On the Corner, this November 2022. Presenting the latest chapter in Curran’s reimagined v3050 dub of Mwandishi-era Herbie Hancock, Edrix Puzzle swap its mother planet’s rattling Battagon sub-bass and improvised, machine-bebop of bleep, for live acoustic bass (Tom Mason), classical violin (Darren Berry), and Stockhausen- esque experiments. Recorded remotely across ten months during lockdown, the full-length follow up to Edrix’s 2021 ‘Rise To Eris EP’ (support from Tom Ravenscourt, Gilles Peterson), also features Oli Savill (Percussion) and Martin Slattery (Bass Clarinet & Sax) (two long time Curran collaborators and members of Planet Battagon) – Tugg the creator can be found on acoustic drums, drum synths and machines.
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