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Chico Bernardes - Chico Bernardes (Red Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number MAPANC0012LP
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 17/06/2022
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Product Description

Chico Bernardes is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist from São Paulo, Brazil. In his first and self-titled record, ‘Chico Bernardes’ has arranged and recorded all the instruments, with the support of Gui Jesus Toledo from SELO RISCO and owner of Estúdio Canoa, where the recordings took place. Surrounded by lots of coffee and low lights, Chico recorded part of the songs as if he
was singing for nobody, in real time. The other half of the record was filled with drums, bass, electric guitar, percussions and a bunch of keys, from old casio keyboards to an indian harmonium. The songs structured above nylon strings guitar were recorded with a 1968 Di Giorgio Romeo 3, frequently used on the classical brazilian records from the 70’s and beyond, that carries a very popular Bossa Nova tone, but Chico reworked it’s approach with the use of alternate tunings, on a closer proximity to artists such as Duncan Browne, Sibylle Baier and Joni Mitchell. For the steel strings, he used a 60’s Martin 000, in order to reach the old and warm wooden sound of the record. The Lyrics mostly talk about his wandering dreams about different affections with people, the transitional moments of a lifetime and self discoveries, from his essential core to the external world. Mapache and Selo Risco are proud to present the first album by Chico Bernardes finally on vinyl.
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