Björk - Post

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A small charismatic Archi Sugarcubes, which has become an international pop icon, the Icelandic has marked popular music with his imprint. A true touch to everything and musical genius, Bjork will permanently impact the pop scene but also electro and even jazz (Gling-Glo) .From his Icelandic post-punk debut to Post's global success, the tortured artist with a fragile aspect mask a woman without concession, is
one of the myths that music gives birth to very rare occasions.Post Released in 1995, Post seems to be an adult's response to Debut, which highlights the skills of the one left in the electro turmoil. More eclectic, this opus will completely propel a Bjork, already well installed in Northern Europe, in the forefront of an International stage under shock and charm. From the power of 'Army Of Me' to the carelessness of 'It's Oh So Quiet' to the melancholy of 'Isobel', 'Post' will be the starting point for a world card. Find this vinyl jewel 180 grams. Homogenic Released in 1997, 'Homogenic' embodies a very relative sobriety but as its title indicates more Homogeneous than previous albums. Entirely produced by Mark Bell, the chief sorcerer of the excellent LFO, this opus seems obvious two years after the release of the genialissime 'Post'. Find this singular vinyl album 180 grams. MedullaSortie in 2004, 'Medulla' proposes to make the voice a musical instrument both harmonic and rhythmic. Surrounded by sizes such as Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine), Mike Patton or Rhazel (Human Beat Box of Roots). Greatest HitsDifficult to compile the best of an artist as prolific as Bjork. This double 'Greatest Hits' brought together some of the most iconic titles of a successful career. Find the successes of this singular artist in double vinyl 180 grams.
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