Ayo Manuel - 1983-90 (Black Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number SNDWLP165
Format LP
Release Date 28/07/2023

Product Description

This mini compilation selects the stand out cuts from his two albums Love Candidate and Party Time, showcasing the evolution of Ayo's music Side A is led by Song Of Love (Instrumental) - mid- tempo, synth- heavy music toeing the line between lo- f crunch and sophisticated charm.This is followed closely by afro-disco melters Don't Stop and the aptly titled Fun Time. Both with strong
American, disco- funk leanings but full of Nigerian favour, they come signed, sealed and delivered for any discerning dancefoor. Sojourn (Ajo) lights up side-B, a coming-of-age journey that sets the tone for the rest of the album. With slick US production, but with its feet frmly planted in Yoruba culture, we fnd a more developed artist combining talking drums with distinct '90s production, that deliver a unique blend of afro- pop. Gboro Mi Ro echoes the infuence of Nigeria's biggest musical export, Fela Kuti, but still retains its own particular character. Do Good follows in the footsteps of its predecessors but with added drama and depth.
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