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Aaron Frazer - Bring You A Ring / You Don't Wanna Be My Baby

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Catalogue Number CLMN241
Format 7" Single
Release Date 08/12/2023
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Product Description

The A side of this 45, a brand new track from Aaron Frazer, is about how pressure makes diamonds. The last couple years have been really challenging, especially for those navigating relationships amidst the chaos. This song celebrates the connections of love that are strong enough to weather any storm, and the certainty that comes from making it through together. The B side features a
track from Aaron's first solo LP, Introducing. Lyrically, Frazer sounds lovesick; the imagery he paints of demons "so close behind" and the repetition of these lyrics emphasize his longing. The song starts with piercing guitar, dark bass, and chime piano and Frazer himself drums throughout the song. The orchestration is swell while the strings and voices blend well with the transcendent feel of the music. Grab this 45, on either black and limited edition heart shaped vinyl, available 12/08/2023 from Colemine Records. Also Available From Aaron Frazer: Bring You A Ring / You Don't Wanna Be My Baby 7”, Over You 7”, My God Has a Telephone 7”
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