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Tyrannosaurus Rex - Strange Orchestra

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A rarities album of the first incarnation of Marc Bolan’s Tyrannosaurus Rex featuring Steve Peregrine Took. • The First LP collects all the tracks from the early first two sessions from the summer of ’67 • The second LP collects rare and unused alternate versions recorded over the following two years until the departure of Steve Took.• Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with unpublished
photos licenced from photographer Pete sanders ( who was responsible for 3 of the 4 Tyrannosaurus Rex LP covers + the first T. Rex LP cover ) • In depth Liner notes by Andrew J Gardner and all royalties go to The Light of Love Foundation for the Marc Bolan School of Music & Film SIDE A (* Ryemuse, 64 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London W1, England 1967) - Session 1 July 67 1.Rings Of Fortune 2.Sarah Crazy Child 3.Lunacy's Back 4.Misty Mist (Highways) 5.Beyond The Rising Sun 6.One Inch Rock 7.Sleepy Maurice 8.Jasper C. Debussy SIDE B 1.The Beginning Of Doves (Session 1 July 67) 2.Hot Rod Mama #2 (Session 1 July 67)3.Sally Was An Angel (Session 1 July 67) 4.Lunacy's Back #2 (Session 2 August 67) 5.Beyond The Rising Sun #2 (Session 2 August 67) 6.Knight (London March 68) 7.Puckish Pan (London March 68) 8.Strange Orchestras (London March 68) LP 2 (1968-1969) SIDE C 1.One Inch Rock #6 2.Stacey Grove #1 1& #2 3.Eastern Spell #6 4.Conesuala #2 5.Wind Quartets #5 (6.Juniper Suction #4.1 (backward voice) 7.Oh Harley #4 (false start) 8.Our Wonderful Brownskin Man #1 #4 9.Trelawny Lawn #2#3 SIDE D 1.Seal Of Seasons #3 2.Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles #1+2 3.Evenings Of Damask Session 1 #3 4.Pewter Suitor #2 5.Chariots of Silk 6.Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat) Harmonium/Drum mix 7.Do You Remember #1 & #2 Steve Took vox 8.Demon Queen (overdub take) 9.Blessed Wild Apple Girl #1 & #2.
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