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The Fallen Angels - It's A Long Way Down

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Pressed at RTI on limited red coloured vinyl with original gatefold design. Rare psychedelic album that lives up to the hype. Released only one year after their psychedelic debut, The Fallen Angels’ sophomore album, It’s A Long Way Down, lays it all out on the line. Unfettered by label interference, The Fallen Angels’ second and final record highlights all the band has to offer. Off-kilter
time signatures, experimental soundscapes, and white-hot guitar licks abound across It’s A Long Way Down’s dozen tracks, with lead singer Jack Bryant’s vocals serving as a guiding light through the paisley-patterned tunnel. Album high points like “Poor Old Man” and “Something New You Can Hide In” tease early signs of progressive rock with their weird and winding melodies, and impress with rock-solid instrumentation. An early marvel of psych rock that holds up to this day. Track listing: 1 Poor Old Man 2 A Horn Playing On My Thin Wall 3 Something New You Can Hide In 4 Tell You A Story 5 Silent Garden 6 Look To The Sun 7 One Of The Few Ones Left 8 I Really Love My Mother 9 Look At The Wind 10 Didn't I 1 1 It's A Long Way Down 12 I'll Drive You From My Mind
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