Ramuntcho Matta - Ramuntcho Matta

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Catalogue Number WWSLP77
Format LP
Release Date 16/06/2023

Product Description

The album released on tiny French label Mosquito was conceived as the soundtrack for French choreographer Regine Chopinot's play "VIA" with costumes by fashion rising star Jean- Paul Gaultier. It was recorded at a buoyant time in Paris when Matta - who had just spent a few years in New York following the death of his brother Gordon Matta-Clark - immersed himself in Paris' underground
scene. Consisting of 19 tracks alternating between funk and ambient soundscapes, the album has been remastered for vinyl from Ramuntcho's masters and features a 4- page booklet with liner notes by Jacques Denis in conversation with Ramuntcho and a 2- page insert featuring the original poster for the VIA show by famed illustrator Marc Caro (Delicatessen). Tracks: 1. Gesti 2. Sassam Kitaki 3. Irimi Nage 4. Hukai 5. Avatar 6. Wallaroo 7. All Those years 8. Zoique 3 9. Harpie 10. Zoique 1 11. Assemblage 12. Coracor 13. Orgye 14. Jeunes Et Vieilles 15. Eau 16. Hop Hop 17. Opi 18. Une A Une (Variante) 19. Zoique 2
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