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PVA - BLUSH (Pink Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number ZEN286
Format LP (Colour)
Release Date 14/10/2022

Product Description

The eleven blistering tracks from the trio - made up of Ella Harris and Josh Baxter (who share lead vocals as well as handling synths, guitars and production) alongside drummer and percussionist Louis Satchell - are made from a formula of acid, disco, blistering synths, the release of the dancefloor and cathartic sprechgesang post-punk. On their debut album, PVA carry that same energy from the
live circuit, while also building out a holistic world full of texture and heart. ‘BLUSH’ is rich with industrial-sized beats that pack a heavyweight punch, jagged punk spirit, and moments of hushed contemplation from Harris’ poetic lyrics. It sprints tirelessly throughout, linking influences including Portishead, PC Music, Laurie Anderson, and cult rave-pop duo The Pom-Poms with ease. The album was produced by the band alongside friends Ben Romans-Hopcraft (Warmduscher) and Jamie Neville (Pumarosa) over a two week period at Neville’s home studio in South London. They then mixed the record at FOLD, the club hidden away on a trading estate in East London.
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