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M Ross Perkins - E Pluribus M Ross

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“M Ross Perkins is like the perfect percolated distillation of Nilsson and Emitt Rhodes, one minute SoCal hamony pop inspired by the Fabs’ trippy era, the next Merseybeat, and often silly, but biographical, like Harry at his best.” Shindig! // Like some kind of time-hopping wizard with preternatural melodic sensibilities, M Ross Perkins is back with his sophomore full-length, E Pluribus M Ross. The album,
his first for Colemine/Karma Chief Records, is another masterclass in home recording with 12 shimmering slices of purely perfect psychedelic pop. In describing Perkins, it’s not wrong to namecheck Rhodes and Nilsson, but you have to expand that list of influences to include pop-rock visionaries like Brian Wilson, Colin Blunstone, and even John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Let’s also throw in the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Kinks as well. Perkins clearly learned plenty of helpful tips from these and other legends that made the late 1960s and early 1970s such a magical musical time, but he has charted his own singular path from the past and back again. The hooks, arrangements, and overall sense of songcraft are as sophisticated as the work of Wilson and Nilsson, which is remarkable when you consider Perkins not only produced all of the musical arrangements but also played all of the instruments and sang all of the vocal parts on the album. Even more impressive, Perkins is able to evoke all of these iconic figures in his songs without resorting to psych-rock cliches or outright thievery. It’s an extraordinary balancing act, and what emerges is a shimmering tapestry of skillfully-woven musical threads, each harkening back to the past while simultaneously pointing toward the future. So, take our advice and join Perkins on his magical mystery trip through time, E Pluribus M Ross. Tracks: 1. Industrial Good Day Mantra 2. Wrong Wrong Wrong 3. The New American Laureate 4. This One 5. Tired of Me 6. It's Your Boy 7. The Clock Reads 60 Seconds from Now 8. Venti Gasp Inhale 9. Mr Marble Eyes (Marbles for His Eyes) 10. Butterscotch Revue 11. Pinball Blonde 12. Funeral for a Satellite
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