David Bowie - Toy E.P.

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100g, 5 track 10Ó EP black. The 10Ó vinyl and CD TOY E.P. (ÔYOUÕVE GOT IT MADE WITH ALL THE TOYSÕ) features the previously unheard ÔSHADOW MAN (VOCAL AND PIANO MIX)Õ, an alternative stripped back mix of the TOY album track, along with the unreleased live versions of ÔI DIG EVERYTHINGÕ and ÔTHE LONDON BOYSÕ recorded at the final Glastonbury warm-up show at the Roseland
Ballroom, New York on 19th June, 2000. The E.P. also contains three tracks ÔYOUÕVE GOT A HABIT OF LEAVINGÕ (RADIO EDIT), ÔSILLY BOY BLUEÕ(ALTERNATIVE ENDING MIX) and ÔCANÕT HELP THINKING ABOUT MEÕ (LIVE MARK RADCLIFFE SHOW BBC RADIO 1 SESSION), previously only available as streaming singles and which are making their physical debut
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