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Alici - Frutas (Black Vinyl)

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Catalogue Number EHS109
Format 7”
Release Date 30/06/2023
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Product Description

Alici is a singer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in New York City, but she wants you to know that her heart, and her ear, are firmly located in her home country of Brazil. She was born and raised in the sprawling metropolis of Belo Horizonte, and safe to say the city's sights, sounds, and essence left a lasting impression on her. Alici has made it
her mission to spread bossa nova, the iconic musical language created in Brazil in the 1950s, to a new generation of music fans in America and around the world. Having been raised on the vinyl of Gal Costa, Tim Maia, Evinha and more, she is now creating a sound both timeless and forward thinking. On her debut 7" Frutas / Can't Keep My Plants Alive, which features analog production from Philadelphia's Eraserhood Sound, Alici showcases her unique, soulful, bossa-influenced guitar style. The A side "Frutas" is an uptempo burner featuring a lush string arrangement, while the B side "Can't Keep My Plants Alive" is a slinky yet confident strutter replete with guitar solo outro. She uses her smokey, sultry voice to sing in both Portuguese and English, painting simple yet powerful portraits of what it means to be young and finding one's way in modern times. Grab a copy of this exciting double A side
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