Sticky Black Tarmac is moving.

If you have been in recently, or chatted with me over email or socials, you will be aware that the shop's stay in Walkden will soon be coming to an end. I can assure you though that this is all for the better, and i'm pleased to say that the shop will be moving to Spinners Mill, Leigh. 

The Mill is a community project, gradually being redeveloped, with great artists and businesses based there. The decision to move is one i've taken time over, but from pretty early on I was convinced it was the right one, and I'm glad that they're happy to have the shop there. 

A 15 minute drive from Walkden, it's not a million miles away from the current space, and in fact, maybe even closer to home for some of you.

Hope to confirm more details in the next week or two in order to put a date to things, but will keep you all in the loop.