Bring Me The Horizon - 2004 - 2013 - The Best Of

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Never before released on splatter vinyl, this product is a reissue of the successful Ôearly yearsÕ best of from Bring Me The Horizon. This record features big hits such as Sleepwalking, Pray for Plagues and Crucify Me. Tracklist:

Side A
1 Traitors Never Play Hang-Man
2 Pray for Plagues
3 Diamonds Aren't Forever
4 The Sadness Will Never End
Side B
1 Chelsea Smile
2 The Comedown
3 Blessed with a Curse
4 It Never Ends

Side A
1 Don't Go
2 Crucify Me
3 Shadow Moses
Side B
1 Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake
2 Can You Feel My Heart
3 Sleepwalking
4 Antivist